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The day after his rampage through David's hotel rooms, Simon Barker finally calms himself enough to post a letter. Once he has seen to its delivery, he packs his bags and finds his way to the train station. He is more than ready to leave Paris behind, and looks forward to his next assignment in Spain.

Dear Mr. Wenham:

Please consider this my final report on the activities of your son, as I now regard my assignment as complete. You will recall that you retained me to ascertain if your son David was acting responsibly after leaving New York to live in Paris.

While he did indeed take employment with a local theatre company, that job seemed to involve more skulking about town than actual work in the theatre. I even witnessed him breaking into one of the actresses apartments, where he remained until well after she returned home before slipping out in the early morning hours.

He did not remain on that job for very long, and for the past month or so has been unemployed. He spent much of his time in the company of known prostitutes, and took many of his meals in a local well-known upscale brothel, where he has formed a close friendship with the owner. I do not enjoy reporting to you that David has also kept very close company with one of the waiters from this brothel, a man much younger than himself who quite often spent the entire night in David's rooms. They have been very affectionate with each other even while out in public places, and there can be no doubt that they are lovers.

If your son has been acting in any sort of moral capacity since his arrival in Paris, I have not witnessed such an act. I fear you have lost your son to the debauchery of life in a city taken over by the bohemian lifestyle.

At present, he has left town, departing in such haste that I was unable to follow. He was accompanied by both a young woman and also his lover, the waiter I mentioned earlier. The expressions on their faces as they escaped told me that they were in trouble. I do not know if he has compromised the young woman, or what part in this the waiter plays. It has been some weeks now, and they have not returned.

I feel I can do no more, and that the facts I have presented to you in this letter should be enough to educate you on the kinds of activities your son is indulging in. Please have my final payment deposited in my account upon receipt of this letter. I will be taking on another asssignment soon and will not be returning to New York for quite some time.

I trust this letter finds you and the rest of your family well, and I wish I could have been able to send you a more positive report.


Simon Barker
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