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My belongings are safe for a time, but I will need to find a place to move them to, soon. Later today, or tomorrow. Right now, I am tired, and hungry and sorely in need of a cheerful face. I decide that dinner at Billy's club might lift my spirits, and perhaps he'd be free to spend a little time keeping me company. Stepping in the door, it feels like a thousand years since I've been here. The waiter shows me to my favorite table, it's nice that such details are still remembered...

[NC-17 indeed.]

Billy: *just exiting from backstage, one of my waiters comes to let me know that Monsieur Wenham is here this evening. smiling in surprise that David has returned from Ireland so quickly, and hopeful that Hugo will be with him as well, I make my way across the crowded floor, my smile widening when I see you* David! Bonjour, mon ami. How are you?

David: *Billy's smile prompts one of my own, an odd feeling since I haven't smiled in what seems like forever* Billy. It's wonderful to see you! I'm well, tired from the trip, and... *voice drifts off, not sure how to even say the rest* Can you sit, talk a while? I've missed my friends in Paris, you more than most.

Billy: Of course, of course. *taking the seat next to you, then kissing each of your cheeks in greeting, my hand resting on your shoulder when I pull back* You do look a little travel weary, ami. I'll not lie to you. But I think we can take care of that. *waving a passing waiter over, ordering dinner and a bottle of wine for you* Now, tell me of your travels. And of Hugo! He's not here with you, is he?

David: *A sigh, and I wait until I have a glass of wine in my hand. *giving you a sad smile and sipping my drink* Hugo is not with me, Billy. His troubles at home are over, and he has found his place there once again. He is needed there. *quieter, almost a whisper* I became... unnecessary.

Billy: *blinking in surprise* Unnecessary? But I thought... *trailing off, seeing on your face how difficult this is for you, reaching across the table and taking your hand, giving it an encouraging squeeze* I am very sorry, David. I know you were terribly fond of him.

David: *holding your hand tightly, as if it were a lifeline* I was more than fond of him.... I was in love with him. *shakes head as I correct myself* I am in love with him. And I thought, no, he said he loved me too. I know he did. *rambles, somehow relieved to be saying these thoughts out loud, let them loose and perhaps I can let them go?* But, his village, his family, his home - they all called to him more strongly. They are his first love.

Billy: Oh David...*smiling sadly, my own heart aching with lost love* I wish I had more comforting words to give you. I am not so good at love myself... *laughing softly* despite my trade. But if you are looking to forget your troubles, then you have come to the right place.

David: You, Billy? You are the master of all things of the heart. *studying your face, realizing not all in this world centers on myself, pushing aside my heartaches for the moment, concerned for my friend* Or, so I though you were... tell me, how have you been these past weeks?

Billy: *still holding your hand in mine, glancing down at our entertwined fingers as I speak* No, I am no master of the heart. Simply a sily old fool with romantic ideals and an impatient nature. *looking up to you, realizing I am speaking in circles* Things are not so good right now. I had a treasure, and I let him slip through my fingers...

David: We are more alike than I realized, then. Old fools thinking we could hold the hearts of young men... *gently, hating to pry, but knowing that talking might help you, too* Elijah has left you? I find that incredible. He is the one that has lost the treasure, if this is what he has done.

Billy: *smiling faintly at your sweet words, shaking my head* No, I gave him ample reason to leave me, I'm afraid. *softly* I was unfaithful to him after promising I would be. I hurt him terribly. *sighing and squeezing your hand again, more to draw comfort from it for myself*

David: Oh, Billy. I wish I knew what to say. I'm sure your story is complicated, and I won't pry for details. But please know, no matter what you feel you've done, I am your friend, and place no judgements on your life. I only wish for your happiness, and Elijah's too. *finishing the last of my dinner, slowly sliding the plate aside, having eaten it mostly with one hand* Being faithful is no guarantee of love, though, I've learned.... perhaps your way is best. *eyes starting to turn cooler, a cynical expression settling onto my face*

Billy: *seeing the shift in your expression and feeling saddened by it, but nodding in agreement, managing a small smile* I am your friend as well, David, and I want your happiness just as much. *shrugging slightly* I do not know if my way is best, but it has worked for me all these years. Perhaps I am simply too set in my ways. *laughing softly* Not that there is anything wrong with being a bachelor. There are some definate advantages to it as well.

David: Nothing wrong with being a bachelor whatsoever. *draining my glass, fiddling with the stem, pondering pouring another* I am too old for love. *ironic laugh* I have always been too old for love, even when I was young! If I had been a better man, I would have long since married, as was arranged years ago. It was not meant for me then, I knew that. But now... no, I need to remind myself who I am. What I am. I was weak, Hugo trapped my heart... it will not happen again.

Billy: I think you are a good man, David. Marriage does not make one better, especially if that is not what you are seeking. You have a free spirit, and the heart of an adventurer. Marriage would not suit you. It would be an ill fit, if you do not mind me saying so. *looking around the club, the crowd having gotten nosier and thicker as we have talked* Would you like to go up to my office so we can talk more?

David: *nodding, rising silently to my feet, as you the same. Following you through the crowd, my teeth set firmly together, all signs of emotion deliberately wiped from my expression, any casual acquaintances who might be about would see me for the bored playboy I am in their eyes. Following Billy up the staircase, relieved to leave the noise behind, but still accompanied by a dull roar in my head, a mixture of tension, anger, fatigue, frustration.... *

Billy: *letting you into my suite and closing the door after us, instantly shrugging out of my tuxido jacket and tossing it to a nearby chair, giving you a roguish smile as I cross to the bar, untying my tie with one hand* Care for a drink? *holding up the bottle of scotch with my other hand*

David: *falling ungracefully into a chair, rubbing my temples with my fingers, glad to be out of the public view and able to drop my facade, I don't care if Billy sees the real me, but I wish no one else to* Yes, please, drinks are our friends, Billy, always there for us. We should have many such friends.

Billy: *pouring you a large shot, then one for myself, giving your glass to you with a sympathetic smile and a pat on the knee, taking the chair next to you, leaning back into it with a comfortable sigh* Here's to friends. *clinking my glass with yours, then tilting my head back to let my scotch slide down my throat*

David: *pushing fingers through my tangled hair, nodding in agreement* To friends. *downing my shot quickly, abruptly, mind racing, thinking I need some release Billys' establishment can easily provide, doing some quick financial calculations, deciding it's worth it, the money won't last forever even if I'm frugal, so why not?* Billy... could you recommend one of your young men, perhaps one of the more agressive ones? I think perhaps I should indulge this evening.

Billy: *arching an eyebrow at you slowly, feeling a tinge of arousal when you say "agressive", pushing away my guilt at my thoughts and setting my glass aside as I rise from my chair, crossing to you and settling myself straddled across your lap, giving you a seductive smile* How about a slightly older agressive man? I could use a little indulgence this evening myself, mon ami.

David: *a sharp laugh at your brashness, and the satisfaction of knowing you've picked up on my hidden wishes. You may employ fine, handsome men, but I would have taken one of them as a second choice only* Then indulgence it shall be, Billy. *my glass hits the side table hard, freeing my hands to pull you closer on my lap, then reaching for the back of your head to pull you into a crushing kiss*

Billy: *moaning supplicatingly into your kiss, your mouth tasting of scotch and want, my hands gripping needfully at your shoulders, then sliding down to caress over your sides, the size of your body bigger than I am use to, yet still somehow still familiar, knowing in my mind that you are my friend and there will be no romantic entanglements from this evening, scooting my hips closer to yours, pressing against you tightly*

David: *so hard it hurts, my hips rising to press my erection against yours, feeling your arousal urgently moving against mine through our clothing. Breaking the kiss, a ragged voice on the edge of frantic* Bed? Floor? The wall if you want, I don't care, I just need this. Tell me where you want me. *arms around you, rising, taking us both to a standing position, my eyes growing dark, heart pounding, leaning to whisper, lips moving against your ear* Fuck me hard, so hard I forget everything except your cock inside of me. Please...

Billy: *groaning breathlessly at your words, I pull you down with me onto the thick carpet, my hands already undoing the buttons of your shirt. This is certainly not the same David who left for Ireland all those weeks ago, but I know you need this, I need this, and I tug your shirt off of you with a growl, tossing it aside* Right here. *leaning in to kiss you again, hungry and hard, I pull back a moment later, rising* Take off those trousers. *turning from you, I cross to my nightstand, retrieving the oil, removing my own waistcoat and shirt in the process*

David: *standing and unfastening my trousers quickly, kicking out of them, my eyes never leaving you as I do, then falling back on my knees on the carpet, fleeting thought that you were wise in choosing such a plush weave.* Your trousers too... can't you undress any faster? *falling back against the carpet, letting my head thump against it, closing my eyes for a few seconds, trying to calm the rush of need, dampen it just a little, but it's overwhelming. My eyes open again to stare at you, and I am barely aware that I have started stroking myself as I do so*

Billy: *licking my lips unconsciously at the sight of you, so delicously blond and trim and aroused, unable to hold back a soft laugh at your demand, letting my hips roll as I cross back to you, kicking off my boots and opening my trousers with one hand, wriggling out of them when I stop in front of you, my free hand raking through your hair* So impatient, David. *my eyes flickering down to where you are stroking yourself, moaning softly at the sight, my voice coming out strained* I like that... *dropping to my knees as well, I claim your mouth hungrily, setting the oil on the carpet next to us, sliding my hands over your chest*

David: *tongue delving deep into your mouth, a soft growl deep in my throat, chest rising to press against your hand, the urgency of your kiss telling me you need this perhaps as much as I do, and that pleases me. I will myself to not stroke too hard, it is not my wish to come so soon, even though my body demands this of me. My free hand seeks your arousal, wrapping around it firmly. My lips leave yours, needing to draw a deep, shuddering breath in, as I stroke us both, slowly and in unison* Want so much, I just need.... not sure, just need this.

Billy: *propping myself up with my hands on either side of you when you stroke me, my eyes flutter close in pleasure, unable to hold back my soft cry* Yes, I need it too... god, don't stop... *resting my weight on you, my thighs squeezing around one of yours, kissing you again and again, all teeth and tongue and sharp breath, my hand pushing yours aside from your cock and replacing it with my own, stroking you in time to your hand on me*

David: *thankful for your confession of need, your hand on my erection, taking comfort from the mutual giving and taking* Won't stop, can't. *stroking you more firmly now, lifting my head enough to cast my gaze downward, breath catching in my throat at the sight of us, then feeling that tightness, the crawling approach of my orgasm, my head dropping back again, hips lifting, bucking into your hand, and with a cry, your hand draws my release from me. One hand gripping the carpet, the other urging you to let yourself go, my strokes on your cock slightly wild, erratic*

Billy: *watching you when you come with hazy eyes, slowing my hand on you and moaning with you, my hips rocking into your fist hard, needing just a little more, faster, pressing my lips against your shoulder and then my teeth as the sharp heat tightens in the small of my back, pushing my orgasm from me, biting you in my ardour, crying out against your damp skin*

David: *that's good, yes, bite as hard as you need to, I think, hoping that pain can block pain, feeling the heat of your cock surrenduring to my attentions, my fingers sticky with the feel of you, and I too slow my movements, pull you to fall against me, both of us resting, catching our breaths* My urgency overcame me, Billy... I had not wished that to be so swift, for either of us.

Billy: *smiling slowly, tired but satsified, leaning up just enough to cut off your words with a deep kiss, still smiling as I murmur against your mouth* No apologies, mon ami. I think we both needed a litte... quickness. But now we will be able to last for the next time, oui? *kissing you again, I rise and cross to my bathing room, unconcerned with my own nudity, returning a moment later with a wet cloth, cleaning you up efficently and tossing the cloth aside, stretching out next to you on the rug when I am done*

David: *smiling under your touch, a nice feeling to be taken care of, the cool water feeling soothing. Turning to my side to face you when you finish, one hand draping over your waist* Maybe we will be a little less crazed now... *slow smile* Maybe. I make no promises. *reaching over your head, finding the oil, and dangling the bottle between two fingers. *releasing the stopper with my teeth, letting a few drops slide into the palm of my hand, reaching to coat you with slow, smooth strokes*

Billy: *stretching out across the thick rug with a warm smile, letting you touch and arouse me like this, my back arching in pleasure, one hand resting over my head, the other reaching up to sift through your hair, watching your face* You've gotten very good at this, David. *chuckling softly, then letting a small moan past my lips as I start to grow hard again under your careful minestrations, pulling your head down to mine, kissing you slowly*

David: I've had a lot of practice, so many times with... *shaking my head, not the time nor place to speak his name, though it's so much in my mind and heart, happy to have my misspoken words cut off by your kiss. Slowly rolling onto my back once again, legs parting as I do. I stop my touch long enough to find the oil once again, offering it to you, my eyes growing heavy once again, that need returning so swiftly, and I wonder if I will ever truly be sated again*

Billy: *taking the oil from you wordlessly, understanding your need, feeling my own, knowing I will find pleasure in your arms but not the satsifaction my heart wants... distracting myself from my own thoughts by kissing you again, blindly slicking up my fingers and rubbing slowly at your opening, tight muscle squeezing my finger as I ease it inside, massaging and stretching you, trailing my mouth down to your throat, covering the damp flesh with wet sucking kisses*

David: *eyes falling shut, focusing on the feel of your lips, your finger, your body pressed to mine, and this is what I need, purely to indulge in the physical pleasures. Squirming against you as you probe deeper, biting my lip as your kisses effectively drive all thoughts from my mind beyond what you are doing to me. My world narrows down to skin, pulsing heat, and the soft noises your lips make on my flesh. It's all the world I wish for right now.*

Billy: *kissing my way down to your chest, covering your nipple with my mouth and suckling it slowly, pulling it in deep as I press another finger into you, the feeling of you opening up for me causing me to shift and moan, my body already so eager to be deep inside you. I slip in another finger, twisting them and thrusting them deeply now, feeling you rock under me, needing this so much- to know that I can still pleasure someone like this- kissing my way to your other nipple and giving it the same attention, my hand never slowing*

David: *spikes of pleasure rippling across my chest outwards from your lips, I don't think anyone has ever paid such close attention to such a small portion of my body, but the effect is amazing. I would almost swear your lips and fingers were dancing on opposite ends of a tight cord, as my body writhes under both* Damn, I still have a lot to learn. Billy, need more than fingers in me now, your fault, you know...

Billy: *chuffing soft laughter across your wet nipple, I give it a final swipe with my tongue before pulling back, eyes dark with michief and desire as I let my gaze rake over you. I slip my fingers from you and replace them with the head of my cock in one practiced movement, holding the insides of your thighs firmly as I let your body stretch around me* Are you still wanting agressive, David? *my voice is low, already slightly breathless, and throaty with my own need*

David: *arching my back, hips pressing, desperate for you to fill me deeper than you're giving me, the tone of your voice bringing back that slow burning need, as strong as ever, my hands scrambling for your back, urging you to press in, my nails digging into your flesh* Does this answer your question? Hard, Billy, take me, use me hard.

Billy: *practically snarling when I feel your nails drag across my skin, I thrust into you just like you ask me to, hard, as hard as I can, filling you with a single thrust. Parting my thighs and grasping almost brusingly at your hips, I forgo easing you up into a good rhtyhm and throw us both into it, long heavy thrusts and strained breath, letting my hips slap satsifyingly against the backs of your thighs each time*

David: *that's it, what I'm craving. The stinging pain of your entry, the heat, the way your cock fills me completely. Hard, harder, a little hurt is good, pain is a feeling, and I need to be overwhelmed with sensations right now. Give me pain, give me ecstacy, mix them together, slam them into me, No room for anything else, just the pain and the pleasure.* God, yes, that's it, all you have, don't hold back.

Billy: *closing my eyes and losing myself in these sensations, the sound of your breathing, the slick feeling of your skin under my hands as I skate my palms over your hips, your solid weight as I pull you closer with each thrust, your heat surrounding me, so tight, tight enough to push back my guilt, my lonliness... stretching out over you and covering your mouth with mine, swallowing your cries and giving you my own*

David: *more skin, the heat increasing as more skin touches, your lips hard against mine, closer to oblivion now, my erection trapped by damp skin, friction bringing me back to full arousal, and I grunt as I press my cock up harder against you. Your closed eyes, the look on your face, you're lost in the sensations too, and there is nothing left for us, no words, no reasons, nothing but the need, the push, let our bodies do what they will*

Billy: *I slither one hand between our hips as we move, fingers groping, searching as we kiss, finding your cock with a hungry moan and taking it up in my slick fist, stroking you in time to the rhythm of my hips, feeling the both of us straining against one another and covered in sweat now, but I won't stop, I can't, concentrating on angling my hips just right, thrusting deeply and high, wanting to rub you in just the right spot*

David: *lost in a haze of sweat and movement, I gasp your name as you take me in hand, and practically lift myself off the floor as I press into it. And then, you move, you push, and you hit... dear god, that place, YES there, so good, and I'm crying out, begging you to keep doing that, just a little longer*

Billy: *everything about you is so different from Elijah; you're strong where hs is slim, you're taller, heavier, the scent of your skin is not like his at all, and I tell myself it doesn't matter; you are here and he is not, you need this just as much as I do, and I move over you feverently, every thrust heavy and hard, crying out with you as my thighs begin to tremble. I clench my jaw and open my eyes to watch you, determined to pull your release from you before I will succumb to my own*

David: *craving my release and the few moments of pure oblivion it will bring, I don't even try to hold back, I simply let the feeling take me over when it comes. A rush, muscles clench, my orgasm takes me, and I hold onto you tightly, crying out. As I shudder through the final throes of passion, I slowly realize I may not have called out your name*

Billy: *feeling you shudder and buck under me, the hot rush of your release spilling over my fist, and I let my eyes slide shut once again, unable to hold back my own orgasm, the sound of your cries a dull roar in my ears, muffled by my own. I can feel Elijah's name on my lips, begging to be released with my orgasm, and I let myself fall forward onto you, pressing my face tightly into the crook of your neck, hoping you won't hear me, or if you do, you will at least forgive me*

David: *holding you against my neck tightly, staring at the ceiling above me, exhausted, finally. The burn inside me quenched, for the time. Finally, our skin cools, air leaving goosebumps on my arms. I quietly shift under you, giving you signals that we should find our way back to the real world once again* Billy.... thank you. And... *taking your chin gently in my hand* and... I'm so sorry I'm not him. *a soft kiss to your lips, and I begin to look around for my clothes*

Billy: *smiling gently at you, I return the kiss, but capture your hands in both of mind when you would get dressed, shaking my head slowly, the idea of being alone right now making me feel terribly lonely, but not wanting you to know that* If you do not have any other engagements this evening David, you are welcome to stay. *quietly* The bed is big enough for two.

David: *It would be nice to stay, I know Billy might also enjoy the presence of another. I've slept alone for weeks now, and have almost forgotten the contentment of waking to a familiar face. But, neither of us will awaken to the faces we will dream of tonight. It is a bittersweet compromise, but it is all we have left to us* I will stay, and hope that we both find peace in sleep.

Billy:: *standing from the rug and pulling you with me, kissing you once again before I lead you to the bed, turning off the lamp and then sliding in, flipping back the duvet so you can slide in next to me, settling back against the pillows with a sad smile* Goodnight, David. *taking one of your hands, I lace your fingers with mine, my voice sleepy* I'm here if you need me...

David: *slipping into slumber more quickly than I had expected to, but my body is worn out, my mind weary of thought. I kiss Billy's forehead and murmur sleepily* And I'm here too, for you... goodnight. *letting myself fall into darkness, a small hope that I do not dream again tonight*
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