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[Follows the morning after David stays the night at Billy's]

David slipped out of Billy's bed early. To wake and see his face, not Hugo's, words cannot begin to describe how that felt, and he had no wish to inflict the same heartbreak and disappointment upon his friend when he awoke. And so David dressed quietly and found his way outside into the cool pre-dawn air.

First things first. David needed to find another hotel. He couldn't afford one as nice as the one he was leaving, and he would certainly miss those lush surroundings. But until finances improved, he had no choice. David had noticed a hotel near Billy's club, less opulent, but still acceptable. He made arrangements for a room, paying only for a few days, it was all he could spare from his remaining assets. He returned to his former hotel, making arrangements for any mail that may arrive to be forwarded to him, and packed his belongings into a carriage for hire. Soon, he had re-settled himself. Looking about his single room with a scowl, David had no wish to remain in this room for anything other than sleeping.

As he arranged a stack of books on a table by the bed, he paused with his journal in hand. It was scuffed and torn from the ransacking of his former rooms, but the pages were still intact. He quietly flipped to the pages filled with information about the less savory members of Paris society, names and addresses carefully gleaned during his work with Harry at the theatre, written in a code only he would understand. At the time, he had a feeling this information might come in handy some day. Now he smiled grimly, knowing that he had been right. He slipped the journal into his coat pocket, and stepped outside for a long walk. The bored expression on his face betrayed nothing of his scheming thoughts to those he passed on the boulevard.
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