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David: So many loose ends to tie up. I'm not used to life being this complicated. Now that my belongings are moved to another hotel, it occurs to me that Elijah must have my painting completed by now.

I'm torn - I want it, yet I do not. My mind can't bear to look at Hugo's likeness, but my heart tells me to find Lij, get the painting. Lij is not with Billy any longer, and I don't know where to find him. Maybe it's best if I do not. But again, my heart presses me to try.

Another day, perhaps. Maybe tomorrow I could tactfully try to find out from Mira where Elijah may be staying.

*sigh* Or I'll just wait for him to find me, somehow. In the meantime, I need something to distract my mind from these thoughts.

I take a walk, and find my feet taking me past the Théâtre de L'Europe. Rehearsals should be underway, if I recall the dates correctly. Perhaps Harry won't mind if I slip in and watch for a time? It would be a nice diversion. *ducking in quietly, I take a seat on the aisle, in the back row*

Harry: The cast is now whole and working as one. Craig's return bringing an energy to them that was missing. Alexi especially seems to glow in his praise. This is how it should feel.

Worry over Elijah still hangs heavy in my heart, despite everything else and I do not know how to ease him. Perhaps tonight I will take him to dinner and we will drink ourselves into oblivion. Sounds good no?

The door at the back of the theatre opens and after a moment, when no one appears I turn around to look. A smile lights my face as I get up and walk to the back to the visitor.

"David, il mio have returned. It seems to be the week for reunions"

David: The stage is empty at the moment, perhaps I have arrived during a break in rehearsals. Still letting my eyes adjust to the theatre's lighting, I squint upwards and give him a smile, rising to my feet "Harry, my friend, it is good to see you again." I give him a warm hug and a smile. "I'm back, indeed. Nice to know you're still right where I left you, that some things can be always be counted on!" I'm puzzled by your words, though. "Reunions?"

Harry: "Si, you know me too well David. One day I fear my backside will become permanently attached to one of these chairs" Returning your hug before moving to sit beside you and speaking quietly, joy and pain warring equally in my voice, "Craig returned last night. He is well, but what of you? How was your journey?"

David: "Ah! That is good news, indeed. Both for you, and your theatre. I look forward to being here on opening night, especially now that your troupe has their leader back." Speaking more softly, "I wish the two of you much luck in your future."

"My trip accomplished what it needed to, a small amount of order has been restored in Ireland, and I'd be lying if I said I was not proud to be a part of that process. The outcome was not all I had hoped it to be, though."

Pausing to light a cigarette, needing a chance to steady my voice. "Hugo remained behind."

Harry: Reaching out to place a hand on your shoulder, my concern evident, "I am sorry David, I know you cared deeply for him."

I pull a cigar from my own pocket, "Hopefully you don't mind if I join you." When you nod I light it and look up at the ceiling. "Thank you for your best wishes, but I do not know where Craig and I stand right now. Things are changed, perhaps too much for us to return to what we were. I am giving him half the theatre though, so we are still partners...of a slightly different sort."

Glancing sideways at you, "What are you doing these days? Now that you no longer shadowing my soldati about."

David: "That's quite a generous gift. Also, a shrewd one, as well." Giving you a knowing look and a nod, "I of all people know you try to do too much on your own, and a partnership is a good idea. He will do well for the theatre, it means so much to him."

"As for the is not a fair gamble for anyone, it's a game that can't be won. I wish I had more comforting words for you, but I can't find them in my heart, Harry. I am sorry. Perhaps another friend might be better suited to give you a less bleak outlook." Letting my words drift off, I seek a change of subject. Has all of Paris fallen out of love in my absence? First Billy and Elijah, now these two, who will bring me sad news next?

"Ah, but there is much to keep me busy these days. I found it necessary to change hotels, and I am also trying to get back in touch with my friends. After I leave here, I'll be off to try to track down a certain elusive artist friend to pick up a painting I commissioned before my trip."

Harrry: "You misunderstand il mio outlook is not bleak. For the first time perhaps it is clear. Love is not a gamble or a game, David. It is that which enriches our lives, which gives us reason to hope and dream." Pausing, I puff quietly on my cigar, "Even in it's quiet passing there is hope and lessons to learn. For all the pain it can bring, there is also much joy."

"Elusive artist? You would not be speaking of Elijah would you? I think I remember you mentioning you had commissioned a few paintings from him. He is one of my soldati now, do you wish to speak to him? I fear he and Billy have had a falling out." Looking over to you again, "He is staying at my house, but it might be best to find him here. I believe he is backstage at the moment."

David: "On matters of love, it would seem we cannot see eye to eye. Your words are nice, and I am glad you take comfort in them. But they speak nothing to my heart, and that is just the way of it." A thin smile, my eyes cold and downcast.

My mind wanders briefly to my evening with Billy, and I can't help but snort at the understatement of their 'falling out'. "Elijah is indeed the friend I seek. He's acting now? Good for him, he spoke to me once of his past times on the stage, with great fondness in his voice. Would I be interrupting his work if I were to go say a few words to him?"

Harry: "It seems our positions have reversed since we last talked. I am sorry you can find no hope David. If you wish to see Elijah, please feel free, you know you are always welcome here."

David: "I place hope in myself, beyond that, I just cannot." Standing, picking up my coat from the seat next to mine, I give you a hug. "I will go speak to Elijah, I am keeping you from your work. Take care, and I will be here, opening night."


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