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David: *not wanting to spend yet another quiet night in Craig's apartment, this is not my home, I am merely a guest, and I find myself restless, in need of burning off some energy and I'll admit, some frustrations. I find my way to Billy's club, and realize there's more available here than I've taken advantage of yet. I take a seat at the bar, and wait to see if I can catch Billy's attention*

Billy: *talking 'business' with two gentleman at the door to the gaming room, I wave over Carmine when I see her passing by, the beautiful blond instantly draping herself between the monsieurs, and they both instantly smile and nod, letting Carmine lead them through the crowd and up the stairs. Feeling parched, I move through the crowd as well, Jean Paul already waiting with a glass for me as I step up to the bar*

David: Billy! *raising my glass to catch your attention* When you have a free moment, could we talk? *feeling a litle awkward, but this IS his business, I remind myself* A business matter, if you could believe it of me! *I give you a smile, set my glass down and motion the bartender for a fresh drink*

Billy: *pausing in mid-sip when I hear my name, smiling widely when I catch sight of you, walking to you quickly and giving you a kiss on each cheek in greeting* Bonjour, David. Why would I not believe that you have come here for business? *lowering my voice with a chuckle* It wouldn't be the first time, oui?

David: *clearing my throat, slightly scowling at you but unable to maintain it, returning the kiss to your cheeks* You know very well it isn't my first time indulging in your clubs enticements. *slipping you a quick wink when I'm sure no one is paying attention* But, I am remiss in not availing myself of your staff for hire, yes. And... I would like to. I am not sure of your fees, or services available.... *my voice trails off, hoping you've caught enough of my needs to help me make these arrangements*

Billy: *your mention of "staff-for-hire" has me instantly thinking of Hugo, eyeing you for a long moment, wondering to myself if you miss him more than you let on, remembering our night together and thinking to myself that you do, an idea forming in my mind* Well, of course David. Shall we talk here, or would you rather go upstairs to my office?

David: *laughing a little* Your waiters are probably placing bets on whether we're heading upstairs now, we always seem to talk there... but yes. Privacy once again would be nice, thank you. I am not sure what I'm looking for, and would like to talk. *swinging off my barstool after downing the rest of my drink*

Billy: *laughing lightly and taking my drink with me, leading you across the crowded club* If they do take bets, they should certainly give me a cut of the winnings. *heading up the stairs and to my office, opening the door for you*

David: *taking my usual seat, waiting for you to get comfortable before I start talking, since I know I'm likely to ramble a while* I suppose I should just be blunt, there's no need to dance around things with you, Billy. I've missed certain intimacies, and have have very few chances to indulge. Even before returning to Paris, Hugo and I just didn't have much opportunity, with his family so close most of the time. And now... I do not have him at all. *shifts, stammers a little* And you no doubt were very aware of my frustrations when I came to see you last.

Billy: *settling into the chair next to you, crossing my legs and leaning towards you, listening to your words closely, my smile only slightly amused* Yes, David. We both were looking for a little comfort that night, I think. There is no shame in it. But, *waving a hand dismissively* enough of the past, let us talk of your future. What are you looking for tonight?

David: *trying to gather my thoughts, suddenly realizing that I can ask for anything I wish* Let me see... I wish one of your male employees. Someone young, trim. *realizes that Billy must know who I'm trying to re-create* I think you would be able to select someone suitable.

Billy: *almost laughing into my drink, pretending to cough instead, clearing my throat and shaking my head a little when you look concerned* No, no... I'm quite alright. *setting my glass aside* Yes, I have just the garcon in mind. He's very handsome, a new boy. I think you'll like him. In fact, I'm sure of it. Now, is there something special you'd like? Any instructions?

David: I think... if there was a way I could just be allowed to have my own fantasies, privately in my mind, with him, this would suffice. I am not sure how to instruct on that, though. Perhaps if the room could be very dimly lit, if we could limit speaking.... *helpless shrug* I'm not sure I know what I'm asking for, really.

Billy: *listening to you and nodding, plotting in my mind... yes, this will work out perfectly* Have you ever worn a blindfold before, David?

David: *surprised by the suggestion* As a child, playing games, yes... ah. I see what you mean. If your garcon would not feel offended by not being seen, you say his is handsome, and I have no wish to offend him. He would be able to go along with this, though?

Billy: Of course, my garcons are trained to go along with whatever the patron wishes for. It is not for him to question. You are paying for his time; it will be as you desire. If you choose to loose yourself in fantasies, then that is what you shall have. Besides... *smiling shrewdly* people wear blindfolds for many different reasons.

David: This seems to be a good arrangement, then. I think it might suffice for what I wish. Thank you, Billy. You have shown me why you are so successful in your business, you seem to know what your clients need. I should let you get back to your work now, if you could let me know what time I should arrive for my appointment, then?

Billy: *my smile widening as I rise from my chair, patting you affectionately against your cheek before crossing to my desk, flipping my schedule book open* Let me see what I have available... *scanning the page* Ah, here we are. Perfect. Tomorrow night, at nine o'clock. Will one hour be sufficent, or would you like longer?

David: *ponders* Perhaps two hours? *feeling my cheeks redden* I am not sure how well I might respond at first... I might need a little extra time to become accustomed to the situation.

Billy: I will schedule two hours, and if you do not use all that time, I will not bill you for the excess... *taking up my pen and dipping it in the inkwell, scheduling you for three hours with a secretive smile, betting you will respond quite well once Hugo begins to show you all his new tricks* There. *putting my pen away* Now, just find me tomorrow night at that time, and I will take you to your room myself.

David: *rising to my feet* I'll wait at the bar at nine tomorrow, and will look for you. Until then, take care, and I hope your evening tonight is a good one. *moving to again embrace you and kiss your cheeks* Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without you as a friend, Billy.

Billy: *holding your hands in mine, returning your kisses warmly, smiling up at you when you step back* You take care too, David. You're a good friend, *laughs softly* and good for my business as well. *walks you to the door, opening it for you to exit* Go downstairs and have a dinner on me, mon ami. *slips you a card from my waistcoat pocket* Just give this to the waiter.

David: *trying to keep a look of relief off my face, this appointment tomorrow night will deplete my wallet to near empty, but I greatly desire this indulgence. I will need to consider my next job, pursue my target.. but those are thoughts for later this evening.* That's very kind of you! I would enjoy some dinner, indeed! *slipping the card into my vest pocket, I smile again and let myself out the door*

Billy: *watching you go with a devious smile, I make my way up to Hugo's room and knock softly, letting myself in when he answers, wanting to tell him all about his appointment tomorrow night*
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