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It was nearly sunrise when David finally returned home from a long night's work. He was exhausted, but the job had been worth the effort. As he trudged the steps leading up from the bistro, he was grateful not to have a clumsy satchel to store away in the secret niche. Thanks to an ill-hidden wall safe, his coat pockets were stuffed with stacks of bills. He would not need to bother converting the goods this time.

Tomorrow would find him at the bank, replenishing the account that had languished since his father had cut off his monthly allowances. But he would not deposit it all, it felt too good to have a fat wallet once again. Indulgences would be had. Ah, he would find Astin and pay for his half of the car, he wasn't certain when it would be arriving but he did not want his friend to be stuck for the full amount. What else, what else, he let his mind spin, enjoying that sensation of money burning a hole in his pocket once again. Dinner at the club, perhaps... wait, that could be awkward, if Hugo was milling about. Elijah, perhaps take care of that painting commission? David was not sure. He considered merely paying for the portrait but allowing Elijah to keep it. But no, he would just turn around and sell it to another, and David did not wish to think of that portrait hanging on a stranger's wall.

Hugo. Money. Burning holes in pockets. He could see Billy about another appointment, perhaps. He had not been able to push back the memory of his last encounter with Hugo, moments from that last meeting constantly crossed David's mind, to the point of distraction. Sometimes he turns to Craig, needing to think of another, and it was true that his actor friend did have the knack for pushing aside all thoughts from David's mind. He knew what he was doing, using one man's body to blind himself to another... but he had a strong suspicion that road went two directions. He did not know how far this road would go, and quite frankly did not care at the moment. It was all he knew how to do for the time being.
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