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David is handed a letter and a map by Raquel on his next visit to the bakery. He orders three flaky croissants, blackberry jam and coffee, then settles into a sunny table near the window with his newspaper and the mysteries he has just acquired. Of course his curiousity leads him to reading the letter first, and soon he’s composing one of his own back to his friend, after flirting a few sheets of writing paper away from Raquel.

Bonjour Sean,

I will forgo any further French attempts myself. I think we Americans can relax around each other and speak a proper language as nature intended us to! (I certainly hope Raquel does not read this letter before passing it on to you or I am a dead man for that quip.)

This is excellent news. I too wrote to Mr. Guymon the day you and I agreed to this venture, to reassure him that this was indeed a legitimate purchase agreed to by the two of us. My banker has agreed to receive mail on my behalf until I establish a more permanent address, and I will check with him daily to learn the whereabouts of our new automobile.

I know of the Citadines Louvre, you would find the apartments there very comfortable. They are quite convenient to local businesses, as well as the opera and museums. Might I suggest you feel free to consider taking rooms there? Two clever men such as ourselves could certainly purchase a large oilskin and fashion a coverlet to keep the rain and elements out of our investment. Paris may be filled with artists and writers, but it takes genuine American ingenuity to cope with a work of art perched on four rubber wheels.

Now, give Raquel a kiss on the cheek and a healthy tip for being our messenger service. We will surely need to be sure she is among the first to take a sightseeing ride around Paris!

D. Wenham

Folding the letter in thirds and giving it to Raquel with a wink and a smile, David picks up his second croissant and settles in to study the map of Paris, already planning in his mind what streets would make up their first driving tour.


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