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Takes place this past Friday, the night of the End of Season Exotic Masquerade Ball.

David couldn’t believe he’d let Gigi talk him into renting this costume. It had all started with an offhand remark after she had asked him a little about his life. Gigi had a way of drawing her customers out, getting them to relax and talk about themselves, thus giving her a greater insight into what costume might best suit not only the occasion, but the wearer themselves. But this – David knew his own sense of humor tended towards the outrageous at times, but as Gigi giggled and ran to the back room, emerging with this outlandish get-up, waving it in front of her like a flag as she dared him to take her up on this idea. He did see the humor in it, and trusted that those who knew him well would too. Some very close friends might laugh at the inside-joke value of the costume, in fact, David knew of one particular man that would most definitely understand. He chuckled at the thought of the look he would see on Hugo’s face tonight. Carefully he stepped into his outfit, arranged his hat just so, pulled on special hose, gloves and shoes, and took up what would be passing for his walking stick for the evening.

Downstairs in the bistro, the young woman who had agreed to his proposal awaited his arrival. Taking a seat, he placed himself in her expert hands, and within a few moments David started to vanish under a layer of makeup, and another person entirely began to emerge. Occasionally she would hold a small hand mirror up so that he might see, and they would both dissolve into laughter. Finally, she announced he was ready. David stood, turned a full circle for her, and was startled as the bartender gave him a round of applause… and a catcall. He thanked them both, paid the girl for her time and efforts, and took a deep breath. It was time to go

A carriage was hailed, and soon David arrived at La Jarretière. The club was beginning to fill rapidly with some of the most amazing looking men and women he had ever seen in his life. A few of them nodded and smiled in his direction, and David knew that the makeup girl had done an extremely good job. None of the party guests saw anything more than Little Bo Peep, apparently seeking her lost sheep at the finest party in Paris this evening.
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