Feb. 20th, 2003

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So. Last night went quite well, and was also a disaster.

After the opera, Lily and I found ourselves at La Jarretière Verte, a club I had been very curious about since I had , having heard, well, many things about the place. I had the good fortune of meeting the club's owner, a Monsieur Boyd, who was kind enough to give us a tour of the place. That reminds me, I'll have to check out the gambling room one of these evenings. He seemed like a good chap, and I plan on visiting his club quite often. The wine was excellent, as was the music, the food, well... everything, really.

Except my date for the evening. I had hoped that Lily would be a fun companion for the night, but as the evening wore on, it became apparent that she was quite out of her element. As I ordered more drinks, she excused herself to powder her nose, giving me a tipsy smile as she left. On her return, that smile had completely vanished. Seems she managed to overhear enough ladies room conversation to realize what kind of club she had been taken to, and came to the realization that my intentions towards her were less than honorable.

Well of course they were. Why else would I endure that wretched opera, and then treat her to champagne and oysters? I had granted her every wish for the evening, and then she had the audacity to accuse me of trying to take advantage of her. Before I could say another word, she'd plucked up her purse and stormed from the club, in as much of a huff as the little wisp of a thing could muster. It was quite amusing, actually. The table next to mine seemed to get a laugh out of her grand exit, too, so I bought them a round of drinks. After spending another hour mingling and people-watching, I walked back to my hotel, just tipsy enough to take the sting out of spending the rest of the night alone.

I awaken late, and flinging open my curtains I realize it's a beautiful day. Soon I am on the boulevard, enjoying the air, intent on a good walk. I'll try a new cafe for my late breakfast, well, actually lunch at this hour. Ah, and must remember to check the bank and make sure my allowance has been replenished before looking for new ways to squander a bit of cash.


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