Feb. 26th, 2003

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David was in the most excellent of moods. A visit to the bank today had revealed the fact that his father had deposited quite a bit more than the agreed-upon monthly allowance. Perhaps the man was feeling guilty for the brusque manner in which he'd bid farewell to his son just a few weeks ago. Or possibly his mother had intervened, imploring her husband to increase his allottment, that any civilized man could not be expected to live on such a paltry sum! He chuckled at that thought. She was never able to grasp the value of a dollar, money flowed through her fingertips like champagne at a wedding. He decided to silently thank his mother on his behalf, as this explaination amused him the most.

Well, then. What to do this evening? Dinner, yes, drinks, of course, but... where, and with whom? Ah. La Jarretière Verte. He had promised himself a return visit, soon. He had actually attempted one a few evenings back, but a lovely distraction by the name of Cate had whisked him off in another direction.

Smiling, he dressed himself in an elegant suit and attempted to comb his hair into a reasonable semblance of current fashion. As usual, his hair rebelled almost immediately. He shrugged at the mirror and left it. Even in evening wear, he managed to convey a relaxed, casual mood. He couldn't help it.

Taking up his coat, he strode from the Hotel Degres de Notre Dame, and soon arrived at the club. He had decided to play a favorite game tonight. He would take a table with an excellent view of the room, and when a person caught his interest in an unique way, or did something he found amusing, he would have a drink delivered to them. Quite often, this game would bring interesting people his way, and it was a delightful way to spend an evening.

He entered the club, and was shown to a table which met his requirements perfectly. Ordering a scotch, he relaxed into his chair. There was quite a crowd tonight...


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