Mar. 6th, 2003

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The plans were made. David had gone to visit Lij in his apartment under the library. He had been very startled to see where he lived. Such a bright, lively young man living in such squalor, at least by David's standards. But Lij's charm and bright smile lit the room when David presented his offer. A date was set for the following afternoon.

As David turned to leave, a three legged cat wandered into the room, and bumped his head on Lij's leg, seeking attention. David found the sight terribly amusing, and bent to pet the creature's head. But instead of being thanked with a purr, he received a sharp spit, following by a loud hiss. It would seem that Lij had a true protector to watch over him in this cold harsh world. David stepped back a few paces, and saluted the cat solemnly. "Beg pardon, Monsieur. No offense intended."

"Lij, I trust you can find your way to the Hotel Degres de Notre Dame alone tomorrow? No furry guides will be required, I assume?" He winked, Lij laughed, and David stepped back out into the night air, intent on locating Cate at the dance hall to deliver the same message to her.

Stepping into La Dame à Ailes, David enjoyed a glass of burgundy while waiting to catch Cate's eye. Finally, she noticed him, and he beckoned her over. She explained that she only had a moment before she would be needed again. Quickly, he explained his intentions and gave her the time and place. She clapped her hands in surprise, nodded in happy agreement, then apologized and dashed away.

All was set. David walked back to his hotel with a sense of accomplishment. Tomorrow afternoon should prove to be quite enjoyable. He made arrangements with the concierge to have fruit, wine, cheese and fresh breads delivered at noon the next day, and requested that the windows of his suite be freshly washed. He wanted the accomodations, and the lighting, to be perfect.

All was ready for Lij and Cate's arrival the following afternoon.


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