Mar. 14th, 2003

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David woke earlier Friday morning than usual, and for a few minutes, couldn't figure out exactly why. Then he remembered. Today he was to begin his new job, working for Harry Sinclair at the Théâtre de L'Europe. He would be assisting the full time stage manager, who was quite seriously overworked. David would be taking care of the props, furniture and other set dressings, ensuring that everything each production would require was available at a moment's notice. This would free the stage manager's time to better coordinate with Harry and deal with the more diffucult tasks of auditions, rehearsals and so on.

After a quick breakfast, he made his way to the theatre. Harry had already made an announcement to the rest of the staff that David would be starting work today. He greeted his new co-workers in an almost shy, quiet manner, and after receiving a list of the props inventory, he set out diligently to learn the stock and get comfortable with the theatre's storage areas. He made sure to step aside quickly when the actors hurried past him, and to not interfere with the stage manager's work, saving his questions for less hectic moments. His goal was to smoothly integrate himself into the workings of the theatre, be as helpful as possible, and not draw much attention to himself. He was there to work, and work he did.

There would be plenty of time in the days ahead to focus on more than his duties. Patience was required.

He completed his tasks in the early evening, and quietly left for the day. He would be back to the theatre in just a few hours, though, but not to work anymore this evening. Tonight he would be in the audience, enjoying the performace, with Hugo.


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