Mar. 16th, 2003

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[takes place as the play ends, shortly after this.]

As the play ended and the curtain fell, Hugo and David simply sat quietly, lost in their thoughts. A happy smile remained on Hugo's face, long after the house lights were brought up. David remained still for a while, letting Hugo savor the mood, as the rest of the patrons found their ways to the lobby.

Finally, David touched his arm lightly. "Hugo? Would you like a chance to meet the actor who played Antonio tonight? He is an acquaintance of mine, and I'm sure he would be happy to say hello." Hugo blinked in surprise and tried to stammer out that it really wasn't necessary to bother them. David just smiled and stood from his seat, urging Hugo to find his way to the aisle. Rather than letting him turn towards the lobby, David gently took his arm and led him the other direction, towards the backstage areas. Hugo's eyes went wide as he took in the hectic sights of actors running about, stagehands bustling by, and the other assorted bits of chaos that are so very normal in the theatre.

He found his way to Craig's dressing room, and noticed Harry coming down the hallway from the opposite direction towards it as well. "Harry! I was hoping to see you. It was an exceptional performance tonight! I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine... Hugo Weaving. Hugo, this is Harry Sinclair, the Director of this theatre." The three men made pleasant small talk for a bit, and then Craig appeared in his dressing room doorway, looking surprised to see David there. David gave him a quiet smile, and nodded his head in acknowledgement of many things. "Craig, please meet my friend Hugo Weaving. Your Antonio has left quite an impression on him. Tonight was his first time to the theatre, and I thank you for making it a very memorable evening."

Even though it was a busy time for both Harry and Craig, both men took a few moments to chat and laugh with Hugo and David. And then they were forced to make their apologies and leave, their duties pulling them away.

David and Hugo found their way back to the lobby, whispered a few more jokes to each other about some particularly peacocky patrons, then emerged into the cool night air...

[Continued in Hugo's journal]


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