Mar. 26th, 2003

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David writes a letter to his favorite sister, who resides in Manhattan. He misses her terribly. She is the one person he was reluctant to leave behind when he left New York...

Dearest Claire,

I hope this note finds you in good health. It was lovely to receive your letter, and to learn that Jack and my nieces are doing well.

Could you believe that I am working? I have taken a respectable position in the theatre. No, I have not become an actor, I'm sure you remember just how lackluster my university performances were. I am assisting with the business aspect of things. It's all very boring work, so I will not burden you with the details. But if father asks... you may indeed tell him I am beginning to find out exactly how the business world really works. Perhaps he would be pleased. I would think so, but as you know, he is quite difficult to impress.

Of course I am not simply working day and night, I think you know me too well to even suppose that for an instant. I have made many friends, and through some rather enjoyable trial and error, have managed to find the most interesting places to take in the Paris nightlife.

The days are also wonderful here. The parks are filled with artists, and the cafes are brimming with interesting locals who seem to welcome a lunchtime conversation.

You hinted none-to-subtly in your letter about romance in my life. Claire, I know you've tried to be my guardian angel in these matters for so long, ever since what happened with Lucy... and I know you have my best interest at heart. I have been dating, you will be happy to learn. Recently I enjoyed a wonderful evening attending a premiere of "The Merchant Of Venice". I know you remember that this was the first theatre event we attended as a family, so many years ago! My date was not familiar with the play, and so it was very satisfying for me to introduce it anew. It was a special night for the both of us, and I will long remember it, as well as the kiss at the end of the evening. I suppose I've just made you blush, which is why I mentioned that. I'm know that you miss having your brother around to tease you and make you splutter. I am sure you are wondering if I will ever be able to seriously consider a relationship again, Claire. Perhaps. My mind and heart are opening again to the notion. I suppose the hardest part is separating infatuation from love in a city such as Paris... but I will try.

I miss you, dear sister.




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