Apr. 21st, 2003

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It was late when David finished copying over the last details of information into his own personal journal. Dimitri's notebook needed to be returned to Harry, he did not feel comfortable having it in his own possession any longer than he already had. He had transferred the notes he wished to keep for himself now into his own personal notebook, writtten in his own cryptic style that only he understood; if it fell into the hands of others, they would merely find personal thoughts, shopping lists, mundane details of a mundane life. It was a style of writing he had developed as a child, starting the day he realized that his father had no respect for his privacy.

The following afternoon, he stopped by Harry's office, and handed him the journal, along with the original notes he'd written on the various patrons of the theatre. This is what he had been hired to do, and he had completed his task. He wished Harry well, and turned to leave the theatre.

No longer obligated by employment, David spent the rest of the afternoon in various art galleries, losing himself in the beauty and depth of the paintings. He returned home late in the evening, with a peacful smile on his face. Harry might have need for his assistance in the future, but right now, David needed time to let his mind rest from the knowledge he had gained during his investigation. It not only angered him to learn what the wealthy of Paris felt they could get away with, it drained him, pulled his soul low.

Simply being able to impose yourself on others gave you no right to. The wealthy used their money as a means to their goals, without a single thought to those they were buying. Those being bought felt they had to comply, and thus the vicious circle began. David felt the anger starting to rise in him again, and quickly changed his train of thought to more pleasant thoughts, calming himself before bed.


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