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[takes place directly after this]

Surprises and Introductions )
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[Continues the morning after this.]
[Yep, rated NC-17 again]

*waking as a sunbeam hits my eye, starting to stretch and then realizing that I'm all in a tangle with another set of warm arms and legs. Slow smile as I shift a little, debating just watching you sleep a while longer or kissing you awake. The kiss wins out, and lands on your cheek as I quietly murmur* Good morning...

The last leg of the journey... )
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[Continues the morning after this.]
Rated NC-17 Because sea air has rejuvenating effects.

Pulling my coat closer to keep the damp chill out, standing at the ship's railing, watching the sea as the ship cuts through the choppy water. Thinking our trip is nearly over, pushing back the sense of dread at knowing I will have to watch Hugo face the dangers he fled from not so long ago...

David, Hugo and Rhea Set Sail For Ireland )
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Champagne is chilled, and strawberries are laid out nicely on a silver platter, as David nervously awaits the arrival of a familiar ray of sunshine...

Cate and David Have A Heart To Heart Talk )
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Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best. Spending the afternoon in the sun as most of Paris seems to be doing today. A day to get lost in the crowds, see the sights, and share them with a good friend.

Just A Walk Along The River )
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It was late when David finished copying over the last details of information into his own personal journal. Dimitri's notebook needed to be returned to Harry, he did not feel comfortable having it in his own possession any longer than he already had. He had transferred the notes he wished to keep for himself now into his own personal notebook, writtten in his own cryptic style that only he understood; if it fell into the hands of others, they would merely find personal thoughts, shopping lists, mundane details of a mundane life. It was a style of writing he had developed as a child, starting the day he realized that his father had no respect for his privacy.

The following afternoon, he stopped by Harry's office, and handed him the journal, along with the original notes he'd written on the various patrons of the theatre. This is what he had been hired to do, and he had completed his task. He wished Harry well, and turned to leave the theatre.

No longer obligated by employment, David spent the rest of the afternoon in various art galleries, losing himself in the beauty and depth of the paintings. He returned home late in the evening, with a peacful smile on his face. Harry might have need for his assistance in the future, but right now, David needed time to let his mind rest from the knowledge he had gained during his investigation. It not only angered him to learn what the wealthy of Paris felt they could get away with, it drained him, pulled his soul low.

Simply being able to impose yourself on others gave you no right to. The wealthy used their money as a means to their goals, without a single thought to those they were buying. Those being bought felt they had to comply, and thus the vicious circle began. David felt the anger starting to rise in him again, and quickly changed his train of thought to more pleasant thoughts, calming himself before bed.
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David is enjoying a light dinner at Billy's club, and can't help but notice one handsome waiter standing near the kitchen door, looking like he's due for a break during his shift.

[Rated NC-17]

Ah, excuse me, waiter? )
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David had much to accomplish this afternoon and evening, and his work could very well take him far into the night. As he walked, he recalled a visit he wished to make, and Billy's club was only a few block away. He changed his course, thinking that a pleasant visit might be nice before starting in on less cheerful work.

[NC-17, fair warning!]

David stops by La Jarretière Verte to thank Billy for his many recent kindnesses )
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[Takes place after his most recent conversation with Harry]

David left the theatre, his mind cluttered with thoughts. He needed time to sort them out, so that he could focus on the task of going through Dimitri’s journal and learn more about the various patrons of the theatre. He walked slowly along the bank of the Seine, mind churning with thoughts of the present, and the past.

Aided by new fuel, the old feelings burn hot )
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David may think that Dimitri is the worst enemy the theatre could have, but he hasn't yet considered the other players in the game...

In Which Harry Finds David Daydreaming On The Stage )
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[Events follow this evening.]

It was early on a fine Spring morning as David slowly awakened. There was a momentary confusion when he realized he was curled up next to a warm body, but as his sleepy eyes focused on that peaceful face, his confusion was replaced by a smile. Letting his eyes roam the room, David noted the sunlight starting to find it's way through the curtains, the dissaray of clothing crumpled and tossed around the bedroom, and the bright, angry eyes staring at him from the bedroom doorway.

He stared back at his nemesis and willed him to just leave him alone for a few more hours. David was tired of being his hostage, and vowed that this stalemate had to end. It wouldn't be pretty and it wouldn't be neat, but this intolerable situation would end... today.

And then the man next to him began to stir, murmuring softly, and those hostile staring eyes were forgotten as David leaned closer to Hugo's lips, intent on his words...

Later That Afternoon... Freeing The Hostage )
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[Takes place immediately after this]

David left Harry's office, and finished up a few remaining tasks before leaving the theatre for the night. Upon reaching his hotel suite, he changed into a favorite pair of soft black trousers and a matching black shirt, topping it all off with a long dark coat. He set his favorite hat aside and gave it a fond pat in reassurance that it would soon be back on his head. He chose instead a darker hat for this particular evening.

Checking his appearance in the full length mirror in the bedroom, he nodded in satisfaction. Before turning to leave, he caught his own eye's reflection, and the corner of his mouth twitched in a small smile. We meet again, old friend. It has been a long while since we enjoyed the night air together. Too long.

Letting his face drop into an expression of bored nonchalance, David strolled from the hotel, nodding to a few familiar faces as he passed through the lobby. The doorman summoned a carriage, and soon he was on his way to the neighborhood where Harry's wayward actress Collette resided, according to the scribbled address he had received from his employer. He left the carriage two blocks from that destination, and within moments, had vanished from sight. Where he spent the remainder of the evening and wee hours of the morning... only David knows.
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David needs to talk to Harry...

Something's Not Right At The Theatre )
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David writes a letter to his favorite sister, who resides in Manhattan. He misses her terribly. She is the one person he was reluctant to leave behind when he left New York...

Dearest Claire,

I hope this note finds you in good health. It was lovely to receive your letter, and to learn that Jack and my nieces are doing well.

Could you believe that I am working? I have taken a respectable position in the theatre. No, I have not become an actor, I'm sure you remember just how lackluster my university performances were. I am assisting with the business aspect of things. It's all very boring work, so I will not burden you with the details. But if father asks... you may indeed tell him I am beginning to find out exactly how the business world really works. Perhaps he would be pleased. I would think so, but as you know, he is quite difficult to impress.

Of course I am not simply working day and night, I think you know me too well to even suppose that for an instant. I have made many friends, and through some rather enjoyable trial and error, have managed to find the most interesting places to take in the Paris nightlife.

The days are also wonderful here. The parks are filled with artists, and the cafes are brimming with interesting locals who seem to welcome a lunchtime conversation.

You hinted none-to-subtly in your letter about romance in my life. Claire, I know you've tried to be my guardian angel in these matters for so long, ever since what happened with Lucy... and I know you have my best interest at heart. I have been dating, you will be happy to learn. Recently I enjoyed a wonderful evening attending a premiere of "The Merchant Of Venice". I know you remember that this was the first theatre event we attended as a family, so many years ago! My date was not familiar with the play, and so it was very satisfying for me to introduce it anew. It was a special night for the both of us, and I will long remember it, as well as the kiss at the end of the evening. I suppose I've just made you blush, which is why I mentioned that. I'm know that you miss having your brother around to tease you and make you splutter. I am sure you are wondering if I will ever be able to seriously consider a relationship again, Claire. Perhaps. My mind and heart are opening again to the notion. I suppose the hardest part is separating infatuation from love in a city such as Paris... but I will try.

I miss you, dear sister.


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(Chat - Rated NC-17 and carries a warning for heavy accent and extreme cuteness)

In which Hugo sets out to visit David... *walking up the stairs to your place, whistling an Irish pub tune, I decide that not even the waiters who have chosen to either snub me or make life hell can ruin my good mood, I hope you're home as I knock on your door, hiding the bottle of whiskey behind my back, attempting to keep my face serious*

School Is In Session )
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Returning to his hotel suite after a very long, frustrating day at the theatre, David dropped his coat on the couch in a heap, too tired from the day to even care about it getting wrinkled. He'd talked and argued and reasoned with Harry, and eventually, reached an understanding with the man. But the confrontation had taken it's toll on his mood. Grumbling, he stomped to the bar and poured a glass of port. Muttering more oaths under his breath, he dropped heavily into a large chair and contemplated whether he'd be able to light a fire in the hearth by merely staring at it. This was not a good day, and he wondered if there was anything that could salvage it. He needed a diverson, some fun, something... anything.

A diversion named Hugo )
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[takes place as the play ends, shortly after this.]

As the play ended and the curtain fell, Hugo and David simply sat quietly, lost in their thoughts. A happy smile remained on Hugo's face, long after the house lights were brought up. David remained still for a while, letting Hugo savor the mood, as the rest of the patrons found their ways to the lobby.

Finally, David touched his arm lightly. "Hugo? Would you like a chance to meet the actor who played Antonio tonight? He is an acquaintance of mine, and I'm sure he would be happy to say hello." Hugo blinked in surprise and tried to stammer out that it really wasn't necessary to bother them. David just smiled and stood from his seat, urging Hugo to find his way to the aisle. Rather than letting him turn towards the lobby, David gently took his arm and led him the other direction, towards the backstage areas. Hugo's eyes went wide as he took in the hectic sights of actors running about, stagehands bustling by, and the other assorted bits of chaos that are so very normal in the theatre.

He found his way to Craig's dressing room, and noticed Harry coming down the hallway from the opposite direction towards it as well. "Harry! I was hoping to see you. It was an exceptional performance tonight! I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine... Hugo Weaving. Hugo, this is Harry Sinclair, the Director of this theatre." The three men made pleasant small talk for a bit, and then Craig appeared in his dressing room doorway, looking surprised to see David there. David gave him a quiet smile, and nodded his head in acknowledgement of many things. "Craig, please meet my friend Hugo Weaving. Your Antonio has left quite an impression on him. Tonight was his first time to the theatre, and I thank you for making it a very memorable evening."

Even though it was a busy time for both Harry and Craig, both men took a few moments to chat and laugh with Hugo and David. And then they were forced to make their apologies and leave, their duties pulling them away.

David and Hugo found their way back to the lobby, whispered a few more jokes to each other about some particularly peacocky patrons, then emerged into the cool night air...

[Continued in Hugo's journal]
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David woke earlier Friday morning than usual, and for a few minutes, couldn't figure out exactly why. Then he remembered. Today he was to begin his new job, working for Harry Sinclair at the Théâtre de L'Europe. He would be assisting the full time stage manager, who was quite seriously overworked. David would be taking care of the props, furniture and other set dressings, ensuring that everything each production would require was available at a moment's notice. This would free the stage manager's time to better coordinate with Harry and deal with the more diffucult tasks of auditions, rehearsals and so on.

After a quick breakfast, he made his way to the theatre. Harry had already made an announcement to the rest of the staff that David would be starting work today. He greeted his new co-workers in an almost shy, quiet manner, and after receiving a list of the props inventory, he set out diligently to learn the stock and get comfortable with the theatre's storage areas. He made sure to step aside quickly when the actors hurried past him, and to not interfere with the stage manager's work, saving his questions for less hectic moments. His goal was to smoothly integrate himself into the workings of the theatre, be as helpful as possible, and not draw much attention to himself. He was there to work, and work he did.

There would be plenty of time in the days ahead to focus on more than his duties. Patience was required.

He completed his tasks in the early evening, and quietly left for the day. He would be back to the theatre in just a few hours, though, but not to work anymore this evening. Tonight he would be in the audience, enjoying the performace, with Hugo.
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David recalled the two theatre tickets that Harry gave him, with his compliments, so that he might be able to see "The Merchant Of Venice" one more time. He had almost forgotten he had them.

A thought occurred to him. Would Hugo be interested in attending the theatre? David thought this might be a nice way to show Hugo another aspect of life in Paris. Fine, then. David would ask him if he would like to accompany him tomorrow evening.

And David immediately broke out in a cold sweat. Did he seriously intend to do this? And why did he feel like a young man working up enough nerve to ask for his first dance?

This is silly. It's just an evening out, with a friend. He would enjoy it, and I would too. And that's that. Hugo should be at the club, I'll just stop by before he starts working his shift, and see if he's interested.

David left the hotel, and started walking towards the club, swiftly. As if he was almost afraid to slow down...
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