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Birthdate:Nov 29
I was born on September 21, 1865 in New York City with a silver spoon in my mouth, and quite frankly, it tasted terrible. The Wenhams Of New York are known for their philanthropic endeavors, and are considered among the elite of upper class America. My parents pride themselves on the perfection of their life. But not all they touch turns to gold. Their greatest disappointment in life seems to be their son. According to them, I'm spoiled, immature, and self-centered. Perhaps. If I am, it's because they raised me to be this way. Apparently they are not happy with what they've created, and at the age of 38, they deem it appropriate to finally push me out of the nest. They have told me to get out among the people, see how the world works, and to grow up. I am in full agreement with them - on all but the last count. Quite frankly, they have abandoned me with a monthly allowance sizeable enough to help me avoid all threats of becoming a responsible adult for a good long while. This fact alone should tell you volumes about the contradictions I've been raised with all my life. In the end, my parents will have the son they deserve, whether they want him or not.

I'm not stupid. I know their real goal is to have me learn how terrible life away from their sphere of influence can be. And so they await my inevitable return home, the prodigal son, sadder yet wiser, somber and ready to take my responsible place in polite society.

It was expected I would remain in the United States. So, naturally, my first accomplishment was to travel abroad. I have heard fascinating stories about Paris these days, and wish to see if we are as compatible as I suspect. For the time being, I have taken rooms in the Hotel Degres de Notre Dame, a block away from where the hunchback failed so miserably with Esmeralda. I'm sure I'll have better luck with the ladies than he did. I may stay here, I may not. All depends on whether Paris amuses me.

DISCLAIMER: I am not David Wenham nor do I know him. This journal was used for the game lotr_bohemians but the pup has retired from the game, and is at the mercy of his mun's personal whims nowdays.
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