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Sean Astin: Life is for the living, Justin wrote in his latest letter.

The letter post marked June 16th had reached me today. And joy of joys it contained a newspaper from New York. Excitement surges through me as I read about news from the States.

An engine powered automobile. Engine...powered.. no horses? personal.. automobile.. I had to have one.. The company.. Hmm.. Henry Ford? *my eyes glow* announced the opening of his company June 16th.. I have to have one.. Not available until Mid July. Well it is nearly that..

New York.. David..

God! I had to show this to David.. I flip open my journal.. the list of places he had mentioned. I haven't seen him at Billy's for time out of mind.. perhaps.. just perhaps he is at another place? He had mentioned a bakery near by that had fresh baked rolls and lemon mmm butter, I wonder if they have honey butter too? ..

But wonder of wonders....

A horseless carriage..

I wonder if he wants to go in for a portion of the ownership to get it across the sea...It's about time I purchase something for myself..

*eyes glowing more.*

a horseless carriage..

David: Time for a small splurge. Last night's work was a small job, but enough to afford me the means to enjoy myself today. I haven't been by Raquel's bakery in a while, and I'm starving. *steps in the door, breaks out in a smile* Astin! Don't tell me you're going to eat that entire loaf yourself! Ah, but then again, I'm betting you can. Mind if I join you? *ordering up a fruit and bread platter, with lemon butter of course* So, how have you been? And why are you grinning like that?

Sean: *Smiling back at you* David! Just the conspirator I was thinking about. I am in a wonderful mood. Sit down and join me! I usually have to order a couple of loafs of the bread and share with Elijah, but Harry said he is sick and not working this week. So I am down to one loaf and no company. Anyways. Yes there is a reason behind the grin. *sliding you the paper* Look what Justin sent me. A paper from your home state. *[mun: it will be a full page drawing and article on page 3.. easy to spot, of course] I hide my smile behind a glass of wine and wait for you to get to the page, your eyes devouring the paper. I know the feeling, news from the States is few and far between.*

David: *reading the entire article without speaking, food forgotten for the moment, lost in the excitment that comes from seeing a bit of the future. This is something new, and quite exciting. I study the design, and marvel at the minds that would dream up such a thing. I know these horseless carriages will never replace the solid reliability of a horse and carriage, but variety is the spice of life, and I can't help but wonder how it would feel to maneuver on of these contraptions through the streets of Paris* Sean, this is fascinating. Leave it to us to have the luck of our timing. We come to Paris, just when America finally produces something like this! Ah well, perhaps when we get back, if we ever do, that is... *voice trailing off wistfully*

Sean: *Grins back at you* I was hoping you would feel that way. I don't want to wait to get one. Think of it. We could have the first motorcar in Paris. I have an idea. I just need a conspirator.

David: Conspiracies can be fun, especially between two clever minds! *finishes my lunch, shoves the plate to one side and folds out the paper to set between us, the contraption staring up at us, daring and taunting* It's a lot of money to spend on a whim, you know.

Sean: Well. Yes. But what a whim! I was thinking of wiring to Justin to order us one. We go into getting one together. All you would have to do is help me with the shipping arrangements in New York. You could wire the money in to my account but I have no idea about the import export laws on such things and being your from New York. If you could make arrangements with your connections there to get it from the States to us here. *stroking the paper* Think of it.. our own.. Ford.

David: *mind spinning with thoughts and plans and attempts to recall the name of that man on Bleecker Street, the one my father swore was trying to take away his best export clients. Ah, yes. Mr. Guymon. Why not? And if word leaked back to my father than I was using his services, especially to buy a frivolous luxury....* I believe the conspiracy is underway, my friend. *raising my glass* Here's to the partnership of Astin and Wenham. Street Terrors Incorporated. *chuckling* I'll write down a contact name you can pass on to Justin, this man will see to the cars safe delivery. Make sure that Justin mentions my name to him.

Sean: To us then *Lightly tapping your glass to mine * Street Terrors Inc? I rather like the sound of that. *takes the paper and places it in my new journal* I will make sure he does. I assume he would have to have your name to make sure customs documents were all in order and such. *sighing* I suppose it will take a bit of time I am sure to get it cross the ocean. But I am willing to wait for it. Think about it. A Red? Interior. A large backseat.

Sean: We would of course have to order extra spare parts from Mr. Ford. Once we get it over here. So we will keep your Mr. Guymon a busy fellow.

David: Ah, Mr. Guymon will no doubt apprecate having the steady business of a Wenham! Patience, partner, patience. It will get here. In the meantime, perhaps you could pass the time by puzzling out where we will keep this Ford? I am not sure the local authorities would let us simply leave in on the street. *glancing out at the street outside the bakery, the curb lined with conventional carriages*

Sean: Ah that is a good point. I need to upgrade from the hotel to a flat at some point before Petey arrives in the spring. So maybe a bit of a different accomidations will be a prerequist for the Ford too. I will have to just look for a place early than this winter. Course it would have to be a larger place and since we are sharing the beast. *taps on the table* would have to have a place with a large storage room for the spare parts and a large... hmm... horse stall or something to pull it into. That will take a bit of doings to go find a place. *sips on my wine* Guess that means I need to see more of Paris then this little corner.

David: And of course I'd cover part of the cost of having to find a place with just the right shelter for the Ford. Part of the ownership agreement. *grins and thinks ahead to pleasant adventures to come* I suppose we will be forced to arm wrestle each other for Sunday priveledges should we both happen to have a date we wish to impress, hmmmm?

Sean: *Laughing at the thought of arm wrestling for Sunday night* Why don't we agree that who ever has it on Saturday the other gets to have it on Sunday. I was having to get a larger place anyway, so whats a few more coins for carriage storage. *Grins and thinks about who I would like to have legs up in that big backseat* Might though need it for a full weekend every so often. We might have to do more then arm wrestle for a weekend privlege.

Sean: *Orders a couple of glasses of scotch, toasts our successful enterprise again*

David: *drinks to our future venture, pities the streets of Paris*


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