Feb. 27th, 2003

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David returns to his hotel room, after meeting Craig in the Bistro known as Archard's. His emotions are still running high from the impromptu performance of a fragment from The Merchant Of Venice he experienced just a short time ago. As he paces his room, a bundle of nervous energy, his thoughts race down unfamilar paths...

I've played the part of Bassanio before, but never felt it come alive, not like tonight. It was just an assignment, part of my studies, nothing to take to heart. At least not then. Paris does contain magic, I think. And Craig, he is a gifted actor, to bring such passion to his role! Not even on a stage, but performing in a dark, smoky Bistro.

Is it the struggle of life in Paris that brings the fire out? I've always heard that an artist must suffer for their art. Perhaps the New York theatres are lacking, by virtue of having things so easy. I think this must be true, I have seen it time and time again, since my arrival here. David gazes at the nude portrait hanging on his wall, amd remembers the artist. Elijah creates such a work of beauty as this, yet dresses himself in rags. And what of Cate, the beautiful dancer, so full of passion for her craft, but working in an unremarkable dance hall. And Karl, a man so full of spirit and confidence, but the world merely calls him a rentboy. And now, this Craig. An actor beyond all I have yet seen, and yet I find him studying his lines in a dismal Bistro, willing to open his soul to shine like the sun despite his surroundings. I will not soon forget our small performace there... And damn me, I can't stop wondering if he knows he missed some lines, some of what Antonio said, he seemed in a rush to reach ahead in the play. And stand indebted, over and above, in love and service to you evermore. I trust he will not forget his lines on opening night, and I will be there to witness it all.

I have had enough of thought for one night. It is not all that late, not yet. I think it's high time I went out in search of food, and lighter company. Perhaps it is a good night to play the game. I have not indulged in that since coming to Paris. I have thought on things long enough, I believe it is time for some simple pleasures...


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